The Umgeni Community Safety Initiative (UCSI) is a registered, Not-for-Profit Company (NPC) whose focus is on the pro-active monitoring of vehicles entering and exiting our uMngeni communities.


The UCSI NPC operates independently of any Security Alarm Monitoring and Armed Response Service Providers. It comprises a Board of Directors of independent professionals from the local communities who have a passion for their people.   











Various locations have been identified in and around the uMngeni areas of Hilton, Howick, Howick West, Kwa Mevana, Merrivale, Merrivale Heights, Birnamwood, Mpophomeni, Karkloof, Curry’s Post and surrounding areas to erect overhead (gantry mounted) CCTV cameras to monitor vehicular movement. The UCSI NPC will use proprietary ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) SNIPR CCTV cameras, where SNIPR is the online management platform (software) directly linked to the National Law Enforcement database. The ANPR gantry mounted CCTV cameras are then linked to SNIPR to make it a holistic, real-time number plate monitoring system.  TrackBox Technologies (PTY) Ltd and SNIPR ANPR have partnered in their fight against crime. 


In this way, if a number plate has been flagged as having been involved in a high jacking, armed robbery, a stolen vehicle, been cloned etc…, an immediate alert is sent to our localised community UCSI control room (and duplicated at the National Control Room), so that the appropriate local law enforcement services can be activated to respond.  In this way, our crime prevention strategy is to be pro-active and deal with crime before it is committed.


Law Enforcement

The UCSI NPC will primarily work alongside Law Enforcement Officials, namely Local and Provincial SAPS, Radio Control 10111, SAPS Highway Patrol, Umngeni Protection Services, Road Traffic Inspectorate and other divisions of SAPS and HAWKS. Accordingly, Law Enforcement Response Protocols that have been established between the UCSI NPC and Law Enforcement Officials. The UCSI NPC will also engage with local Security Service Providers on a secondary level and then Neighbourhood Watch Groups accordingly.






The UCSI NPC is not a new concept, but it is unique to our area and to our needs. Our uMngeni community is in fact one of the last areas in the KZN Midlands to be implementing this pro-active crime prevention strategy. It is time to act together as a community because crime is being driven into our uMngeni communities due to this lack of visible monitoring and law enforcement. The UCSI NPC aims to deflect crime and criminals away from our communities.


The UCSI NPC is a remarkably low maintenance project once all the infrastructure has been implemented. The initial costs require capital expenditure (CAPEX) on the gantries, camera's, hardware, power supplies and labour. The operating expenditure (OPEX) includes the on-going monthly operating overheads to sustain the UCSI NPC which include SNIPR costs, insurance, data fees, control room staffing, equipment maintenance and operating expenses (phone, rent, transport etc…).


It is for these reasons that the UCSI NPC is appealing to businesses/estates/individuals to consider a capital donation towards the erection of the required infrastructure (camera mounted gantries), and then businesses/estates/individuals to contribute towards a monthly donation for the ongoing operational expenses.


Businesses and organisations that make a capital contribution are able to receive a Section 18A receipt, and will thus be entitled to a deduction from their taxable income.



Crime is a daily concern and it is time for us as a community, along with Law Enforcement Officials and support structures to act together and establish a crime-fighting unity so that we are safer. Be pro-active and find out how you can play your part in keeping our communities safer. 


We are all passionate about our communities and the safe-keeping of our families, homes and businesses. 

Don’t wait for something to happen, act now.