October 2019 Newsletter

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October 2019 Newsletter

Dear UCSI Supporters

Brace yourselves – this is a very interesting newsletter. 

Welcome new Operations Manager

The UCSI is managed 24/7 by the UCSI VCAT* TrackBox SNIPR Control Room platform which is headed up by Keegan Naidoo. Keegan started working full-time for the UCSI on 1 September 2019 and also takes on the role of managing any priority crimes that are committed in the KZN Midlands. Currently Keegan is assisting Hawks and Crime Intelligence with a murder and farm attack that occurred in our area. Both incidents involve vehicles that came into our uMngeni area. The UCSI also assisted SAPS with another murder and an incident of poaching over the past month. Both of which are now cases closed. * Violent Crime and Technology

Invest in the holistic safety of your community with the UCSI

If you would like to make a capital donation towards the erection of the next 10 strategic UCSI SNIPR camera mounted gantries, please contact the ucsi on ucsi@ucsi.org.za or call Keegan on 0630689652. The UCSI would like to have all the access and egress points into our uMngeni Municipal spaces covered before the festive season. Not only will this deflect criminals, but it will also facilitate the successful apprehension of criminals – as has successfully happened during the course of this year so far. Since March 2019 the UCSI has been involved in over 30 successful cases and assisted law enforcement at local and provincial level.

The UCSI is a registered Not-for-Profit Company and is able to issue a Section 18A for all donations made. The UCSI is also BBBEE level 2 and registered with PSIRA. To benefit from the services of the UCSI and ensure sustainability in our community, please affiliate and contribute a monthly membership fee. Please email donate@ucsi.org.za or ucsi@ucsi.org.za to get a membership form emailed to you. 

The UCSI is making amazing progress in our communities, and as quoted by Captain Sikhakhane who is the Station Commander of Hilton SAPS “We are making magic”. 

The UCSI is now also involved in advising a community from the North West Province of South Africa, who heard about what we are doing as a community. They are coming through to meet with the UCSI Board and role-players to see how we have rolled out our project in partnership with our Municipality and Department of Transport as a Best Practice Model.

Business update

The latest businesses to come on-board being: Howick Districts Landowners Association, Fairfield Dairy and Farm, Falcon Equipment, The Voigts Group, J Leslie Smith Attorneys, Rotunda, Fogden Properties, Cowan House, Hilton Rate Payers Association, Hilton Hawks through the HCSI, Wedgewood Nougat, Frosties, Broadacres Estate, Sakabula Estate and Midmar Building Supplies.

Do you want your business to be a part of those leading the way in terms of community Safety Responsibility? 

Gantry update

To date twelve (12) UCSI gantries have been installed. There is another gantry in the Curry’s Post area coming on line soon, and then 3 more gantries in Hilton by the end of October 2019. 

When these afore-mentioned gantries are erected, it will take the UCSI gantry number to 16 gantries that have been funded by our uMngeni Communities and fall under the Management of the UCSI. 

Another 4 gantries are pending and should be feeding through by end of November 2019. On top of this there are an additional 4 privately owned gantries that feed through to the UCSI and then another 11 from surrounding areas also feeding through to the UCSI. In total, by the end of November 2019, the UCSI envisages over 35 gantries feeding through to the UCSI Control Room platform. 

Some gantries are awaiting final funding and if we can get the capital (CAPEX) to complete those then that would be awesome. It must be noted that each gantry must have the required monthly operational costs (OPEX) committed to by the community before erection, and these costs are covered though community affiliation / membership contributions.  

OPEX is collected on a monthly basis through fee paying community members (business entities and private individuals) and goes towards the payment of:

  • SNIPR Fees 
  • Data Fees 
  • Tamper Monitoring Fee 
  • Insurance (Comprehensive) and liability
  • Maintenance
  • Administration
  • Fuel / Cell phone
  • Technology / Hardware / Internet
  • Stationary / Marketing
  • Office rental, lights, water
  • Internet
  • Staffing

These operational expenses are pivotal to the success of the UCSI in empower Law Enforcement and deterring criminals from our communities.

Urgent attention

Some serious attention needs to be placed on the following areas:  

  1. R617 / Mpophomeni  
  2. Midmar exit from N3 going into Howick 
  3. Merrivale exit from N3 going into Merrivale 
  4. Merrivale Rural on Cedara Road 
  5. Howick West 

Attention also needs to be placed on the Howick CBD and Howick Falls Precinct. The UCSI is in a position to assist the uMngeni Municipality with the erection and monitoring of 24/7 CCTV cameras in the Howick Falls area.  

Interesting Statistics

Some interesting statistical information for the months of August and September 2019. These figures show the number of vehicles that passed under some of the gantries in our areas (note these are bi-directional stats):   

  • Worldsview (Hilton): 167423 vehicles in August and 116140 vehicles in September.
  • Life Hilton Private Hospital (Hilton): 250714 vehicles in August and 239147 vehicles in September.
  • Knight Security Solutions (Merrivale): 366249 vehicles in August and 303477 vehicles in September.
  • uMngeni Bridge (Howick): 294216 vehicles in August and 354482 vehicles in September. 
  • Lower Karkloof Road (Howick – Yard 41): 264558 vehicles in August and 219245 vehicles in September.
  • Lower Curry’s Post (Eagle Ridge): 69591 vehicles in September.
  • Natal Forest Nursery (Tweedie): 204634 vehicles in September.
  • Karkloof Club intersection: 52330 vehicles in September.

These are significant figures and with the festive season approaching there are still gaps where gantries need to go up.  

The CAPEX funding received goes towards the physical erection of the gantry and the cameras, and is a once off donation, while the OPEX (Operational) funding goes towards the on-going monthly expenses incurred by the UCSI in order the effectively and professionally manage the UCSI SNIPR gantry network. 

The UCSI continues to meet with local, Cluster and Provincial Law Enforcement Officials (including Hawks and Crime Intelligence) to ensure that the protocols and procedures followed are professional. The UCSI has also met with the Senior Public Proctors of the Pietermaritzburg and Durban Regional High Courts. The UCSI is working successfully alongside SANRAL, N3TC and Transnet. 

The UCSI Board of Directors wishes to thank the uMngeni Municipality for all the support to date. This public-private partnership is proving to be a success and leading the way in active crime fighting in communities. The UCSI is a flagship project that can be considered as paving the way in “best practice” for other Municipal areas.

Yours sincerely

The dedicated UCSI Board of Directors

Themba Ndulini (Chairperson), Thandeni Zondi (Vice-chairperson), Debbie Preston (Secretary), Krish Ramkuber, Kevin Wright, Terence James, Whyona Sithapersad and PJ Myeni.

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NOTE: Download the UCSI TrackBox App 

The UCSI TrackBox Vehicle Check Centre App is now available at the Play Store or iStore. Download TrackBox and then select the UCSI as your ERPC (Emergency Response and Prevention Centre). You can also report ALL crimes as well as vehicle related crimes through this App